Naturally Curly Cats – Selkirk Cats


Naturally Curly Cats – Selkirk Cats


This naturally curly cat breed appeared in 1987. Its ancestors are of different origin – they come from the British Shorthair, the Persians and the Exotic Shorthair. Because of that, Selkirk differs from other Rex cats – the Cornish or Devon Rex. Namely, their body is medium sized with strong bones and curly hair. They come in two basic varieties – short- and longhairs – that is not typical of other curly cat breeds. These cats have inherited relaxed nature of the British Shorthair, the cute and sweet temper of the Persians and curiosity of the Exotic Shorthair cats. The Selkirk belongs to highly sociable cats, who do not like spending time alone. They are ideal for a large household with many children and a lot of other pets. These cats like fun, play and adventure. Even though they are not typical lap-cat, they enjoy being the center of attention. To find out more about this extraordinary cat breed, the article “About the Selkirk Rex” gives us the insight into its history.

Naturally Curly Cats – Selkirk Cats

One of the newest natural breeds, this naturally curly cat originated from a housecat, Miss DePesto of Noface, found in a shelter in Montana. Given to Persian breeder, Jeri Newman of Montana, who bred her to PhotoFinish of Deekay, a black Persian. “Pest” produced three curly kittens out of six – proving that unlike the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex, Pest’s mutation was dominant. Because the gene is dominant, curly kittens can be born in the same litter with straight haired kittens.

The Selkirk kittens are born with curly hair that disappears when they reach eight months. After that, they get a coat with straight hair that does not differ from any other short- or longhair cat. However, in their second year, their coat develops fully and turns back its curly look. Even though their curly coat may seem difficult to keep it tidy, it needs regular brushing – once or twice a week like any other longhair cat. Some think that because of its curly appearance, their coat is hypoallergenic, feline experts claim that there are no such cats. What’s causing the allergy is not a cat’s coat, but dandruff that any cat can produce. Therefore, to keep them clean and tidy, they need regular grooming, especially in spring and autumn when shedding increases. To ensure the proper hygiene of Selkirk cats, they need a bath once a year and occasionally, when their coat gets dirty. The Selkirk cats are not difficult to take care; they have a wonderful personality, great character and extraordinary look.

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