Outbreak – CalciVirus in cats || Sudden death || Vet Furqan Younas


ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM , today we will be talking about calci virus there is a outbreal of calci virus is pakistan,so I thaught of making a video about it and tell you about its symptoms and what is theatment calci virus is basically a upper respiratory infection which can happen to both young and adult cats this can spread through direct contact if one of your cat gets infected than this can transfer though the salive, by the eyes and nasal discharge by sneezing droplets or by food bowls or litter boxes or if your cat is infected and roaming around, than due to urinating and environment this can tansfer to other kitten or cats because this virus can survive on one place from 7-14 days now how can you identify if your cat has calci virus in this upper respiratory the symptoms sneezing nasal and eyes discharge eyes turn into strange colour ans ulsers forming in the mouth due to this your pet can get lethargic and your pet can have fever also in the beganing and in severe cases your pet can get pneumonia also secondly small ulsers would form on the gums due to which the saliva would discharge and face problems while eating and it is also possible that your animal may not eat anything apart from this limping sydrome can happen but this is seen in very few cases this is mostly seen in the young kittnes the joints get inflammed due to which the animal fsces problem in walking they are not able to stand due to which they get lethargic how can we diagnose calci virus this is diagnosed on the basis of its clinical signs and the and the oral charge can be sent to the laboratory and pcr and cpc can be done. the treatment and the management to stop it from the infection anti biotics are given apart from this oral medication is given especially the somogel cream is used for the gums so that your pet can recover easily apart from this multi vitamins are given and we way also use drips to overcome the dehydration if your pet is eating than we don’t usually put drips and oral medication is used in which we have anti biotics we use multi vitamins and somogel so your animal can be maintained if we talk about the vaccination than it is available in the entire world and if you don’t know about the vaccination . i made a video in which i told the complete chart first you have to deworm and than do the vaccination firstly you get 2 to 3 vaccines so that your animal can be immune for 1 year and than you get a booster every year so that your pet can develop about 85-90%immunity for the calci virus if you’ve liked this video please like and share and do share as this is a pandamic which is spread in pakistan so than others can benefit from this see you in the next video KHUDA HAFIZ

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