Petivity – A Smart Litterbox Monitor to Help Manage Cat Health


No one knows your cat better than you. Their personality, their quirks. Everything little thing that makes them, them. But when it comes to their health, how much can we see? Are there subtle signs that stay hidden? And what might happen if we miss them? The Petivity smart litterbox monitor transforms data about your cat’s litterbox behavior and weight into insights about their wellbeing, so you be proactive in their care. Powered by research from Purina veterinarians, nutritionists and behaviorists, the system is designed to learn your cat’s behaviors and notify you when changes might require your attention or a visit to the vet. Place it under your litterbox. Connect it to WIFI and sync with the app. Precise sensors actively gather data and learn your cat’s patterns to create a unique profile for each cat. If it notices changes that might be a sign of something larger, you’ll receive an alert directly to your phone. And get real-time data whenever you open the app. The system is smart enough to distinguish between multiple cats and responsive enough to automatically recalibrate whenever litter is changed or scooped. Whether you’re currently managing a condition diagnosed by a veterinarian, are concerned about your cat’s weight, or just want to understand them better, Petivity can help give you the clarity, confidence and peace of mind to know you’re doing what’s best for them. Because behind every piece of data is something real. The life you share. Petivity can help you connect on a deeper level, go beyond the visible, and reimagine what’s possible. Welcome to a new standard of care. Proactive care for lifelong health. Petivity, powered by Purina.

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