Ragdoll Cats


Ragdoll Cats


Ragdoll cats are known for their affectionate nature and calm personality. The Ragdoll cats adore humans and follow them wherever they go. They are kind, calm and relaxed cats. Even though their calm nature places them among the quietest and the most docile cats, they are not lazy nor coach potatoes. These cats like playing with toys, other pets and children. They are active cats that like to gentle play without extending their claws. These soft, cuddly cats also like being handle that is not typical for any other cat breed. For them, there are no enemies in the world f humans, and thus, it is not a good idea to turn Ragdoll cat into outdoor one. As kittens, they need ten days to show their color pattern that can be one of the four: mitted, bicolor, van and colorpoint. Depending on the color pattern, they come in chocolate, cream, seal, red, and lilac. Their bodies are usually very strong and large. The male can reach 20 lbs while a fully mature female is approximately 15 lbs. Some of them can even reach 30 lbs. According to experts, these cats fully develop until their fourth year. To find out more about Ragdoll cats, the article “Ragdoll” describes the short history of the appearance of the breed.

Ragdoll Cats

Ann Baker of Riverside, California developed the Ragdoll breed in the early 1960s. A pure white longhaired cat named Josephine is believed to be the matriarch of the breed along with a seal mitted male named Daddy Warbucks and a solid black cat named Blackie. Daddy Warbucks was bred to a daughter of Josephine named Buckwheat and her half sister, Fugianna. These cats are the foundation of the Ragdoll breed. Ann insisted Josephine’s genes were altered at a nearby medical center where she was taken after being hit by a car. Litters born after her return from the hospital had the limp, loving personalities Ragdolls are known for, unlike her “normal” kittens born prior to her hospitalization. Baker’s breeding program consisted of a handful of breeders contracted as franchises under her. As time went on, Baker became more eccentric and breeders broke away from her so they could continue to develop the highly affectionate and consistently patterned cats.

Before making a decision what cat to adopt, many future cat parents are thinking about health risks. According to feline experts, this cat breed is healthy and resistant. When it comes to diseases that are typical for Ragdoll cat, kidney stone, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a type of heart disease) and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) are the most common. The Ragdoll cats do not require a lot of care. Namely, they need less care than other longhaired cats, because they do not possess an undercoat. They shed, like any other cat breed, but not excessively. Seasonal shedding is common for this type of cats. According to experts, combing twice a week will be enough to avoid the appearance of matted hair and tangles. But, above the all, the Ragdolls represent wonderful companions for every owner who like affectionate, fluffy and easy-going cats.

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