Scared To Give Insulin Shots To A Diabetic Cat


I came across a post from a cat owner who was scared to give insulin shots to a diabetic cat of his. This is quite understandable if you have never administered an injection before and have never been properly taught.

“I have the shots and the meds but I want to really see how to work the needle. I saw how it was done when at the vet but was overwhelmed. is it horrible that I am putting it off to be safe?”

Yes, I can understand the feeling of being overwhelmed but he should have asked the vet to show him what he needed to do.  Yes, he may be putting it off to be safe but on the flip side the cat may desperately need his insulin shot.

There are a number of great youtube videos that show you have to give insulin shots to a diabetic cat.

Scared To Give Insulin Shots To A Diabetic Cat

“Here is a reply to the post from another reader:-

” Pepper the needle is SOOO easy to administer. I did it twice a day to my cat. I gave her a few healthy kitty snacks to distract her and then I grabbed the back of her scruff (below her head) and pinched it and then just put the needle in a little bit. I swear they do not feel a thing because in the wild that would have been where their mother would hold them by her mouth when carrying them around. Trust me I was very nervous about doing this the first few times, but after 3-4 times you will become very comfortable doing it.”

So the simple advice is that if you are scared to give insulin shots to a diabetic cat then ask someone to show you how to do it or there are a number of good you tube videos that show you like the one above. Once you have administered one or two you really will feel comfortable giving them and it will become second nature . Do not put off giving shots as you could be endangering the cat’s life.

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