You Can Reverse Cat Diabetes By Changing Diet


As if more proof was needed that you can reverse cat diabetes by changing diet, I came across a thread where people had done just that. The thread is really about how difficult or impossible it is for a cat with cat diabetes to be adopted. That is understandable because a diabetic cat does need a lot more care than a normal cat and of course there is the added cost of insulin injections and vet visits.

The thread is about Buster “the unadoptable” cat who was being fostered when it was discovered he had cat diabetes. He is receiving insulin shots twice a day and his vet says that 20% of diabetic cats go into remission at some point when the pancreas starts producing insulin again. You can reverse cat diabetes by changing diet but in the early stages it is important to realise that insulin shots and regular home monitoring are just as important.

“The right diet and insulin and insulin dose are key to achieving possible remission. Home blood glucose testing is also important because blindly giving insulin can be dangerous.
Lantus has a very high remission rate if started early enough and by following the Rand protocol.
Some cats just don’t go into remission despite good insulin and diet  I was one of those. But I still had a good quality of life and that was all that really mattered  I got insulin shots twice a day, my blood glucose levels tested usually a few times a day, lots of playtime and love.”

” So, there are cats that do go into remission. There are cats that despite what you try don’t do well with it and then there is everything in between. Diabetes is a very serious disease, yet I have seen some very happy cats living with it well controlled. I do think that the key is home testing. “

I firmly believe that diabetes whether in cats or humans is a diet and lifestyle disease. So one of the first things you need to do is change diet. What diet is best? Look to nature. What would a cat eat in its natural wild habitat? Small rodents, birds and mammals! So a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates is what you are looking for. Beware of dry food and food with high carbohydrate gravy. You can reverse cat diabetes by changing diet and well managing the insulin protocol but please also remember there will always be those cats whose time is up and no matter what you do it is just their time to go.

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