How to Tame Feral Kitten?


How to Tame Feral Kitten?


Feline experts consider feral cats all the cats that live in a wild, who try to survive on the street or are abandoned pets. The best chance to be tamed and adopted have, naturally, abandoned pets. However, feral cats of a mild character can also be tamed for several months. The best way to tame feral cats is to begin the process when they are little kittens. According to experts, kittens that are between 4 and ten years old have the best prognosis to become happy pets. They need human contact as early as possible to be sure that they will be successfully adopted. Even kittens who are more than ten years old can be tamed, but the whole process will take much longer. In any case, the taming process is hard; it has all the ups and downs and needs patience and persistence. Experts also do not recommend taking little kitten before its fourth week. Kittens need mother care in the very beginning, but they also need human contact early to become someone’s favorite pet. Experts claim that kittens need from 2 to 6 years to tame up. The best approach at the very beginning is to ensure specific space for a kitten, with its own feeding bowls and litter box. Touching and petting little kitten is not recommended in the beginning. If we want to be sure that our little kitten will properly adjust to its new circumstances, food is the best way. Feline experts suggest being with kitten during its dinner time to make a contact. After that, they recommend feeding kitten from our finger. If everything goes well, then we can approach the kitten and pet it gently. After that, it will be able to rest peacefully in our lap. To find out more about how to tame feral kittens, the article “7 Steps to Taming Feral Kittens” gives us seven steps.

How to Tame Feral Kitten?

1. Trap them.

2. Take them to the vet.

3. Give the kitties a safe space.

4. Ignore them.

5. Read to them.

6. Introduce them to play.

7. Handle with care!

Apart from this, the taming process also requires taking care of fleas, vaccines, and proper diet. Feline experts, particularly warn us against milk, because it can cause parasitic infestation and digestive problems in kittens. If the taming process ends well, we will get one more lucky kitten with long and prosperous life.

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