The Most Effective Natural Treatments for Cat Diabetes


The Most Effective Natural Treatments for Cat Diabetes

Feline diabetes is a condition in which a cat’s pancreas does not produce the correct amount of insulin, which le

The Most Effective Natural Ways of Treatments for Cat Diabetes

The Most Effective Natural Ways of Treatments for Cat Diabetes

ads to symptoms such as severe weight loss or gain, recurrent urinary tract infections, frequent urination and thirst.  According to a research, today approximately 1 cat out of 400 cats suffers from feline diabetes. However, the very surprising fact is that those cats, which are over seven-years-old are more prone to develop diabetes than younger ones.

Today, most pet owners are adopting natural way of treatment for their diabetic pets, because these methods have proven to be safe, effective and gentle for animals without any harmful effects as comparative to allopathic medicines. Some of the most effective natural way of treatment for diabetes cats is as under:-

1.            Make sure that your kitty is hydrated, because feline diabetes leads to frequent urination, so your cat will become dehydrated easily. Thus, make sure that your cat should have easy access to fresh clean water at all the times.

2.            Try electrolyte therapy, considering that many cats who suffer from feline diabetes have electrolytes that are out of balance.

3.            Control your cat’s weight, because being overweight can cause diabetes in cats. By ensuring that your cat enjoys a healthy lifestyle and by keeping your pet in good physical shape, you can help prevent diabetic shock.

4.            Feed your cat a high protein diet, and one that is low in carbohydrate. So in most cases this means stayting away form dry food!!. Furthermore, apart from feeding a nutritious food, Exercise also plays a vital role in controlling diabetes. So, if your kitty is very lazy and doesn’t get enough workout, then you can try luring it with a toy or attaching a leash and walking it if it will allow you to do so.

5.            Spread meals out over the course of the day. Diabetic cats benefit from at least two small meals a day rather than free-feeding, in which food is out all day. Eating several meals throughout the day in lieu of one or two can help keep blood sugar in check.

6.            From latest research, it has been found that certain nutritional supplements can also help control feline diabetes. These types of supplements contain magnesium, omega-3 essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, milk thistle, chromium, vitamin B6 and vanadium. Seek advice from your veterinarian before starting any of these supplements to see which ones would be best for your cat.

Apart from above-mentioned home remedies, you can try out some herbal or ayurvedic medicines to cure you cat’s diabetes. The details of such herbs are as under:-

a)      Galega Officinalis – The usage of Galega Officinalis enhances the functioning of pancreas, which is solely responsible for the production of insulin.

b)      Chromium – Chromium is beneficial in raising the efficiency of insulin. It is also beneficial in controlling cholesterol levels and lowering the risk of heart problems.

c)       Bilberry – Bilberry is a natural ingredient that can activate insulin formation as well as lowering the blood glucose levels in pets suffering with Type II diabetes. Bilberry has also shown an ability to greatly improve vision, promote fast healing related with diabetes.

Many cats can be cured of cat diabetes by simply changing diet and increasing exercise and the natural treatments for cat diabetes as mentioned above can give added impetus.

If diabetes has been diagnosed very late then it may be necessary to control blood sugars initially by insulin injections, so please speak to a veterinary surgeon who also specialises in alternative treatments.

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