Understanding Cat Behavior


Understanding Cat Behavior

So you just purchased a new cat and now you will need to understand cat behavior so that you can understand how your cat acts, especially if there are strange behaviors your cat engages in that you are not familiar with. If your cat lets out a long and strained meow, it means that he is probably frustrated, tired or even angry. If the cat’s tail is high in the air during the day it means that he feels happy but if his tail is tucked under his stomach, he could be scared of something. When a cat’s ears are backwards, this means he is not in the best mood. Cats who arch their backs usually want to be left alone.

 About Cats’ Eye Expression

 Another part of understanding cat behavior is knowing how a cat is feeling based on his eye expressions. If the cat’s eyes are slightly slanted, this means he is happy and if his eyes are wide open, it generally means that he’s excited about his activities. In addition, when cats purr a lot, it also means that the cat is happy.

Why Does My Cat Sleep So Much and Lick Themselves

 One reason why cats sleep often during the day is because they are nocturnal in nature so they are up for most of the night, which means that they take brief naps during the day. Licking is a major cat behavior because they do it in order to clean themselves in order to have a better coating.

My Cat Presents Me With Tiny Animals. Why?

 Cats love to play with tiny animals such as mice as well as toys in general, and if your cat presents you with a tiny animal she caught in the house, it is his way of showing appreciation and thanking you for taking care of him. See this as his playful gesture towards you.

About The Litter Box

 If you want to understand cat behavior better, you need to know about the importance of  the litter box to a cat. Cats often hide their feces and urine inside the litter box and they also execrete wastes in the litter box. You should clean the litter box as often as possible because if a cat sees or smells an unclean box, he will find another place to relieve himself.


 When you understand cat behavior, you are better able to relate to your cat and you’ll know how to treat him so that he’ll be happy. If you notice any unusual behavior patterns in your cat you need to bring him to the veterinarian so that he can make the correct diagnosis and offer solutions to the problem. If your cat is very aggressive with other cats, you can meet with a professional trainer because he will have an idea of how to help the cat behave better. Finally you should observe the cat’s moods daily.

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