What should you do when you’ve just adopted a cat?


What should you do when you’ve just adopted a cat?

Let’s say one morning when you come back home from work, you find a teeny tiny stray cat, somewhere along the way. You like the boy so much that you decide to adopt it, on the spot.

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What are the first things that a future cat owner should know about cats?

It very much depends on the age of the cat you’ve adopted. If you have a little fellow on your hands, he may be so young that he could still need breastfeeding. But luckily, since evidently you can’t breastfeed him yourself, there are some solutions to this issue. One of them is to buy some artificial milk and administer it using a syringe or a dropper. Kitties grow up amazingly fast and you’ll learn that soon enough.

The fact of the matter is, once you get him back on his feet, you really need to go visit a vet’s clinic. The cat you’ve adopted may have parasites that could transmit to humans (including you). Also, there are some protocols about vaccination and other immune treatments that happen from time to time and that you should get accustomed to.

What should your cat eat?

Regardless of what many people say, cats cannot eat like humans. Which basically means that they can’t synthesize cereal or celulosis. So if you’re feeding your cat some leftovers, some mashed potatoes or some corn (we know they love the boiled corn, right?), there is a huge chance your cat does not receive the nutrients he should.

Cats are carnivores. In fact, cats are even more carnivorous than dogs. They need A LOT of protein in their daily regime to sustain their activity. But any regular cat owner knows that excess protein can lead to other issues. Such as allergies and dermatitis.

So if you really want to treat your cat with something you usually eat, try feeding him some chicken or turkey breast.

Your vet will let you know which dry food is best used at a certain age of your cat.

Good luck with your cat adventure!

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