Why Do Cats Sleep in Weird Places?


Why Do Cats Sleep in Weird Places?


Every cat owner knows that cats rarely sleep in fancy cat bags. Despite the expectations of new and inexperienced cat owners, cats prefer pretty bizarre and weird places to be their sleeping spots. To their astonishment, they rather choose cardboard boxes than comfortable and cozy sleeping bag. Thus, some cats like sleeping in cardboard boxes, some in laundry baskets, while others enjoy stretching on a radiator, especially in winter. They also like sleeping on bags, papers, printers, clothes, and even on laptops. As we all know, cats do not like doing things that are expected of them. They simply go with their sense of pleasure and do what they like to do. But, are there any other reasons for their weird choices about sleeping place? What are they looking for when choosing a cool sleeping point? Is that warmth, darkness, peacefulness, light, or something else behind their reasons? The article “What Does It Mean When Your Cat Sleeps in Strange Places?” gives us some ideas that can explain the basic reasons.

Why Do Cats Sleep in Weird Places?


Cats are always on high alert for predators — even during a deep slumber. While they may not sleep with one eye open, they’re continuously aware what’s going on around them. Finding the absolute safest spot lets Daisy drift off peacefully, without stressing about outside dangers. You’ll often see her curled up with her back to a wall, head buried under blankets or even nestled up right next to you. These are places that are safe to her and she feels secure. Odds are she’ll probably always go back to the same spots.


Kitties crave warmth just as much — if not more — than food. The strange places that Daisy finds cozy are probably very warm. During peak sunlight hours, she’ll climb to the highest point of her kitty tree, just to catch a smidgen of sun during her afternoon nap. Maybe her evening hideout under the bureau is close to a heating vent. She’s also most likely digs through your clean laundry that comes fresh from the dryer and kneads herself the perfect sleeping throne. These places are snug and keep her warm until it’s time for her next bath.

Even though cats feel safe in cardboard boxes, they do not always sleep there. They like security and safety, and cardboard boxes help them feel protected. However, cats do not stick to one choice only. From time to time, they will find another interesting sleeping place, even though they have a few. Cats also can switch between their favorite sleeping places during the day. The reason for this is usually environment. They often like sleeping in the room, where their owners eat, sleep, cook, watch TV, read a book, or chatting with friends. Depending on their mood, they can choose the sleeping point for the opposite reason – a need for peace. In that case, a cat can pick the dark and farthest spot in the house. Whatever the reasons could be, the one thing is certain – cats will persist in ignoring this very place we chose for them. And this is the number one reason to adore them even more.

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