Why Does Momma Cat Keep Bringing Kittens to Owner’s Bed?


Why Does Momma Cat Keep Bringing Kittens to Owner’s Bed?

Mother cat often moves kittens from one place to another, trying to find the safest spot for their little babies. However, many owners worry when a momma cat keeps bringing kittens to their bed. Namely, feline experts believe that moving kittens from one place to another is actually a normal cat behavior. Even though the reasons for this behavior might be overlooked by cat owners, they certainly exist. Sometimes, momma cat moves her kittens because of the noise and too many movements in that part of the house. Feline experts believe when a momma cat keeps bringing her kittens to the owner’s bed as a sign of trust. That can be a sign that mother cat feels loved and safe with her owner. She wants the same for her kittens. Some experts believe that it can be a way of motherhood process in cats. Namely, feral female cats help each other in kitten care. The first mother cats are still too young and need the help of experienced cats to share their motherhood roles. Therefore, a cat owner might be a significant help in taking care of kittens. To learn more about why momma cat keeps bringing kittens in the owner’s bed, the article “10 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves Bringing Her Kittens to Your Bed” gives us the following explanation.

Why Does Momma Cat Keep Bringing Kittens to Owner’s Bed?

1-You are considered part of her pack/pride, and she trusts you indefinitely.
2-She knows that you take care of her and understands that you will take care of her offspring just as well, maybe even better.
3-She may need a break.
4-You’re the surrogate mother to the babies if she isn’t feeling well.
5-Again, she trusts you completely.
6-She is a proud momma kitty and wants to share the news with her favorite human, you!
7-Maybe the area she gave birth in is not idea for her.
8-Depending on her age, maybe she isn’t old enough to do this on her own.
9-She may realize that the kittens are weak.
10-She may not want the kittens anywhere near her, and isn’t interested in them.

To answer the question – why does momma cat keep bringing kittens to the owner’s bed – we need to discover whether she brings only one kitten or the whole litter. Sometimes, the little kitten might be sick and mommy cat wants to prevent spreading the disease. It is the exact thing that feral cats do in their colonies. If a cat keeps bringing the whole kitten litter to owner’s bed, it is the greatest compliment.

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