Why Does My Cat Scratch?


“Why Does My Cat Scratch?”

“Why Does My Cat Scratch?”

“Why Does My Cat Scratch?”

                “Why does my cat scratch?” is a question many cat owners are asking. The answer: skin allergies. Skin allergies in cats are more common than most would think and like most disorders they are growing more common every day.

When the immune system is hypersensitive to a substance and unable to deal with this substance, an individual is diagnosed as having an allergy. The factors that cause an allergic reaction can vary. However, an external or environmental factor is the usual cause of an allergic reaction.

Examples of such factors are dust, pollen, plants, food ingredients, insect bites, insecticides, toxins in the environment and the list goes.

If a cat is constantly licking or scratching a certain part of his/her body (usually the groin, sides or base of the tail) then the cat may have a skin allergy. Here’s another question. What causes allergies in cats? The answer along with more information is provided below:

 “Vaccinations are known to be one of the main causes of allergies. Most people believe that by vaccinating their cat against the common feline diseases, they are improving the health of their cat. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s look at the common ingredients in vaccines. Depending on the species and the vaccine, these will vary, but the common ingredients include:

thimerosal – a mercury derivative

formaldehyde – a strong preservative used to embalm dead bodies

aluminium salts – considered linked to alzheimers disease

phenol – a derivative from coal tar

various animal cells, proteins or DNA – cross species and ethical issues

monosodium glutamate – known for many health related problems

aspartame – known for many health related issues

sorbitol – an alcohol

hydrolised protein – hydrolising is a known health hazard

Injecting these directly into the blood of any animal creates an immediate immune response. However, this is not a healthy response, as all the normal, subtle paths have been bypassed. Instead, the immune response is not unlike when bitten by a poisonous snake.

Many cats do become resistant to that particular strain of that particular disease, but this comes at a price. The immune system takes a tumble. This means that overall your cat is less healthy.”

Every medical treatment has its pros, cons and side effects. Vaccinations can be both helpful and harmful. So next time you ask yourself “why does my cat scratch?” consider his/her last doctor appointment. Perhaps, your cat doesn’t need a vaccination for every disease. If they are fed high quality natural food, live a healthy life style and have holistic care then maybe the next shot won’t be needed.

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