Why Does Your Cat Become Diabetic


I came across a blog post where a reader is asking why does your cat become diabetic. I have talked about my theories many many times before.

But to recap I firmly believe that the reason cats develop cat diabetes is the same reason why humans develop human diabetes and that is eating adulterated unnatural food and leading a couch potato lifestyle. Ok, maybe not in all cases, maybe some people or cats have an underlying health problem that can lead to diabetes but we are only talking about a very very  small minority who would fit into this category.

Why does your cat become diabetic

Why does your cat become diabetic

Let’s look at some of the replies to the question why does your cat become diabetic:-

“Just wanted to add that Diabetes is more than one disease and not only caused by obesity.”

“As for why he became diabetic, I read a bunch of research that takes us back to the good ol corn industry (food inc. is a great movie, don’t remember if they went into pet foods in that though).

Cats are carnivors, yet just about all commercial cat food, even the “premium”, uses corn gluten meal as it’s protein source. Loads the cats up on carbs, they get fat, and they develop diabetes. This never used to happen in the 70s.”

“It’s not if you over feed them, it’s WHAT you feed them. Corn based and gluten based food is NOT good for cats and contributes to diabetes. Go with grain-free.

Cats in the wild don’t eat corn, and house cats are much more closely structured to their wild cat relatives than dogs are to wolves. Cats’ bodies are not made to process grains and corn, they are strictly meat eaters.

Feed them a high quality canned diet if you possibly can. Cats also have a very low thirst drive and a cat fed strictly a kibble diet is more than likely suffering from chronic dehydration.

Corn diets also contribute heavily to urinary infections in cats. If you can’t feed strictly a canned diet, get a grain free high quality kibble and try to feed canned once a day.

Buy in bulk, it really doesn’t cost much more than mid-grade grocery store brands and you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding vet bills, which will save you money in the long run.

Also, don’t let your cat eat pizza. If that sauce has onion in it, you’re going to eventually make your cat very, very sick.”

I am glad to see that many people are doing their own research and have come to the same conclusions as me when trying to reply to the question, why does your cat become diabetic.

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