How Much Water Is Good For Cats?


This owners two cats seem to have entirely different water drinking habits, so she asks, how much water is good for cats? Bertha drinks a lot of water, yet Phillip appears to drink none.

The amount of water that a cat drinks will obviously vary from cat to cat. Some cats prefer to drink from outside sources, so you can never really be sure the amount of consumption.

What is important as far as cat diabetes is concerned is to know when their drinking habits change. This is an early warning sign that something is going on that may need further investigation.

Here is the excellent reply to the question: How much Water Is Good For Cats?:-

“That’s a good question, but one that has no easy answer. Cats need fresh drinking water every day for optimum health. Water is essential for helping the kidneys flush out toxins from the blood, and it keeps other organ tissues hydrated and healthy.

Here is what you should do all year round to make sure that both of your cats are getting what they need, (but be especially vigilant as the weather gets hotter and hotter).

First, keep fresh, clear water available at all times for all cats, regardless of diet.  Cats tend to love those automatic water dispensers, and having one might encourage Phillip to drink more.

Second, know your cat’s drinking habits. If he suddenly goes “off his water” or starts drinking excessive amounts regularly, call your veterinarian.

And finally, watch for signs of dehydration. A good test is to pull up the loose skin at the nape of the neck. If it springs right back, the cat is sufficiently hydrated. If it is slow to recede, suspect dehydration.

Try adding water to your cat’s canned food or adding an ice cube or two to his drinking water to make it more interesting. If the neck skin does not appreciably recede, and the cat shows any other sign of sickness, call your veterinarian immediately.

Dehydration in cats is dangerous, and if not treated, can lead to death.

Cats in kidney failure – either acute or chronic, often require extra fluids given either intravenously or by subcutaneous drip. The latter therapy is often carried out at home and is relatively easy to learn and perform.

With most cats, the improvement after these treatments is significant and visible.

On the other hand, excessive drinking of water can be a warning sign for feline hyperthyroidism or feline diabetes. While cats may instinctively drink more during hot weather, it is important (as with all cats’ habits) to know how much a cat drinks normally.

So if he or she suddenly starts consuming large quantities of water and also shows other symptoms, you should be concerned and call your vet.

P.S.  Obviously the same general concerns apply to dogs too, and all pets in this hot weather!”

There is no exact answer to, how much water is good for cats? It also depends upon whether you give your cat wet or dry food as wet food contains fluid. In nature it would appear that cats do not drink a lot of water but rely on fluid from food.

So if you feed your cat primarily wet food he may not require a lot of additional water. By the way you already know my views on dry food!

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