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Signs Of Feline Diabetes


Here we have Dr. James Talbott a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville explaining the signs of feline diabetes. Feline diabetes is becoming an increasingly common condition and we know that age, stress, poor diet and overweight can significantly increase the risks of feline diabetes. If you seriously concerned about the health and welfare of your cat, then you need to make sure that the diet you are feeding your cat is as close to nature […]

So I Have A Diabetic Cat Now What?


So I have a diabetic cat now what, is an article I recently came across in a blog and is the real life experience of a cat owner whose cat has recently been diagnosed with cat diabetes. The owner has written the post to help and educate other owners about the things they should have known and should have done. I think this is a brilliant post because this is someone’s real life experience of nearly losing their cat and […]

Raw Diet For Cat Diabetes


A raw diet for cat diabetes is the best diet you can give a cat. However there can be a big difference between the raw diet you buy for your cat and the raw diet a cat would naturally eat in the wild. Donna Solomon a veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Chicago explains what this difference is:- “I know this point may ignite some controversy amongst my readers, but I’m a strong advocate against raw diets. I do […]

What Is The Best Diet For Cats?


Many readers ask what is the best diet for cats? My stock reply has always been that the best diet is always one that is as closest as possible to what the cat would eat in the wild. Now nutrition is not something that conventional medicine seems to put a lot of emphasis on but here is a vet who has similar views to my own:- “My answer is always dependent on the age, body condition and health of the […]

Cat With Pancreatitis And Now Diagnosed With Cat Diabetes


An owner of a cat with pancreatitis and now diagnosed with cat diabetes asks about what food is best for his cat. He has been recommended a certain brand but after his own research believes the recommendation may not be the best course of action. “I have a 13yr old cat that was diagnosed with pancreatits 7yrs ago. He almost died a couple of times but thankfully has been stable for the past 6yrs – we always feed him Hills […]