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Grooming Your Cat


Grooming Your Cat Aside from giving your cat the best food and keeping him vaccinated to prevent diseases, grooming your cat is also important because it keeps him healthy for a long time. When grooming your cat you should do so when the cat is not fussy or irritated because it makes the grooming process difficult. The grooming session should  last no more than 15 minutes because this gets the cat frustrated. To get rid of the excess dirt off […]

Cat Diabetes And Vomiting

cat poo

A vet talks about cat diabetes and vomiting. Interestingly the vet talks about overweight as being a cause but doesn’t talk about why cats are overweight in the first place and she doesn’t link type of diet to cat diabetes.   “It’s becoming more common because people feed cats DRY FOOD. Dry cat food is mostly carbs. In the wild, the only way cats naturally get carbs is in the belly of something they killed. We’re making Vets rich. Plus […]

Funny Cat Videos

Cat Dental Care

Another compilation of crazy cat videos for you to enjoy.

Hearing Loss In Cats

Royal Veterinary College Launches New Feline Diabetic Remission Clinic

Hearing Loss in Cats Hearing loss in cats happens the most among older cats although some younger cats experience hearing loss due to certain factors such as genetics. Some symptoms of hearing loss in cats include not responding to calls from the owner, a cat being easily surprised, meowing loudly on a frequent basis and drainage from the cat’s ears. Here is how you can look after a deaf cat in the best way possible. After the veterinarian determines the […]

Moscow Cat Theatre Reopens


The only cat theatre in the World has reopend after a year of renovation The theatre family consists of 120 cats.