What Kind of Water Should a Cat Drink?


What Kind of Water Should a Cat Drink?


Water is essential for all mammals. The same applies for cats, too. Not only that water should be fresh and water bowls clean, but the water too should be of a good quality. But, what kind of water should a cat drink? For some people, it can be tap water, for others bottled, while many owners prefer distilled water. If we want to find the answer to this question, we need to do some research and find out what are chemical pollutants in all of these kinds of water separately and what their useful elements are. According to Beverage Marketing Association, almost 50 percent of bottled water is actually tap water. Moreover, bottled water contains added chemicals that are not strictly regulated as the system of public water. At the same time, plastic bottles represent a huge problem not only for consumers but also for our environment. They pollute oceans and nature, decreasing the quality of the Earth’s water. Furthermore, they leak dangerous substances such as antimony and bisphenol A that may contribute to thyroid disease. Namely, plastic bottles that are more properly stored and transported can do more harm than good. Filtered water might be a good solution, but only if we know what chemical pollutants are present in tap water. To learn more about what kind of water should a cat drink, the article “Water Water Everywhere – What to Give My Pets?” gives us the following explanation.

What Kind of Water Should a Cat Drink?

What is most important is that your pet drinks the most healthy water that they like to drink, and that you can afford. We can’t stress this enough – they must like what they are drinking. We all assume the quality of food we feed our pets results in the direct reduction medical care costs and the extension life expectancy. Not everyone realizes just how much this holds true with water, but also holds true with the volume of water they choose to drink. Clearly what type of water your pet will drink is one of the key factors since animals all have free will. The old saying couldn’t be more true here “You can lead a horse (cat or dog) to water, but you can’t make them drink.” So I’m going to make an amendment to that saying. “You can lead a horse to water- but if he doesn’t like (insert your favorite high priced brand here), he’s not going to drink it.”

So how do you find out what your pets like best? You can spend the rest of this year experimenting with different types of water and delivery systems. Create complex charts and measure your pets day by day. Or, you could hire someone professionally trained in animal communication to ask your pet what they like as part of your check-in / quality of life session.

When asking themselves what kind of water should a cat drink, some people opt for distilled water. Even though this type of water possesses the least amount of chemical pollutants, it is deprived of essential minerals that are necessary for optimal function of the feline body. If we want to find the right solution, the best option is to give a cat a type of water we have chosen for us, too. Additionally, washing water bowls regularly and keep the water fresh is also essential for cat health.

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