Why Do Millennials Love Cats?


Why Do Millennials Love Cats?


A new research, conducted by Purina, has shown that millennials are the most numerous groups of cat parents. According to the study, 57 percent of millennials are cat owners, even though the total number of cat owners shows 51 percent. It is not completely clear why millennials love cats so much, there are many speculations that see the cause in a link between millennials and technology. According to some experts, millennials spend a lot of their time on social media and they bring popularity to cats. They are active pet parents. They upload and share cat photos and video through the Internet. On the other hand, the popularity of cats inspires many other millennials to adopt a cat. There is one more factor that may explain their love for cats. Namely, millennials begin their adult life during economic crises. They move a lot, change their jobs, mingle with people, etc. Their active lifestyle needs something that is constant and stable. And a cat is a perfect animal. Cats are independent, are not demanding, and like to curl up and be cuddled. They are autonomous creatures, but yet social. To learn more about why millennials love cats, the article “Purina: Nearly Half of Millennials Are Cat Owners” gives us the following explanation.

Why Do Millennials Love Cats?

– 88% consider themselves similar to their cat, and nearly the same number say they’re “in sync” with their cat.

– 57% consider their feline friends as important as the friends in their lives, and 2 in 5 say that owning a cat means they have a new best friend.

– 86% consider their cats to be a loyal companion, and nearly 1 in 2 say they tell their cat secrets no one else knows.

Millennials are also the first group of people who debunked the myth of a “cat lady”. They are proud cat owners and many of them identify with the role. They named themselves as a “cat men” or “cat ladies” because they see some other meaning behind. They perceive being a “cat man” or “cat lady” as a way of being creative and non-traditional. Research has also shown that millennials are devoted cat parents who do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to their furry friends. Millennials choose the best quality food for their little friends and support technology in pet care. For their high social awareness, they prefer adoption from shelters rather from breeders. Even though there is no scientific explanation why millennials love cats so much, they completely change the relationship we have with these amazing beings.

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