Cat Owners May Have Higher Immunity for COVID-19


Do you have a cat or dog at home?Did you know that they can improve your immunity?This is what Sabina Olex-Condor found out. She is an emergency physician in Madrid, and
she made an amazing finding. According to her, based on 100 patients infected
by COVID-19, people who have dogs or catscan tolerate the new coronavirus more easily,
or even completely asymptomatic. According to Sabina, cats can have the feline
coronavirus, that doesn’t infect people. This way, it is possible that people who have
close, daily contact with cats develop antibodiesfor the feline virus that can also destroy
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the channel!She came to this conclusion after asking the
infected patients if they had pets when orientatingthem as to how to proceed with isolation at
home. At that moment, she realized that none of
the people infected had cats. Some patients had dogs, but almost none of
them had cats. Although the research was small and without
any statistics, Sabina will develop this studyas soon as the situation improves, to have
a wider number of interviews. The doctor also says that this is called cross-reactivity
and exists in nature. The daily contact with saliva and hair of
domestic animals can reinforce people’s immunityagainst viruses. It is known that this is not a guarantee of
complete protection since not all cats getin contact with the feline coronavirus, and
also not every person develops immunity inthe same way. In this case, the hypothesis suggested by
Olex-Condor is that the contact with the salivaand hair of domestic pets might strengthen
the human immunity against the virus. On the other hand, it is known that, due to
the pandemic, the number of abandoned animalshas been increasing. If you have any of the symptoms of the virus,
socially distance from your pets to protectyour whole family, including your animals. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and
your pet is behaving oddly, call the veterinaryand explain
the situation.

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