Quarantine Cat


Ugh. Me alarm interrupting Nintindo Switch dream!! Again!!!!Me calendar starting 2 look like one-sided tic tac toe game. Different day. Same posts. Different day. Same news. Different day. Same leg licking. Me over it!New news, who dis?Me having lightbulb moment rn. How u spell. . . Nailed it. Time 2 spread pawsitivity 2 me good friend Phil. No lessons, folks! Dis coming naturally. Wut the?Phil give me da claw?Dear Neborhood. Me luv u!Hey lady! Me luv u!Is that noise me stomach rumbling?Rain?! Wow, God no luv Michael. Rain cant stop Iron Chef Michael. Showtime!!She no lyke fish milk?Ugh me smell Bob farts. Could da viewers smell da Bobs farts?Girls?! OMG me need 2 check on me bb!Jenn playin games wit me heart. Welcome, my children. This is meditashun with Michael. Wow, this really work. Me can smell fish cookin. Please na-ma-stay away, Bob. Fire cant stop Picasso Michael. It working! Me doing it!Give me da word. Let me kill him, Aron. Dang!Double dang!Hello it me, soldier in fail army, reporting 4 cry duty. Me so sad me cant taste pillow fish. Wut the?It me video!It spreading pawsitivity!Me made a difference. . . and a viral video 😉

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