Why Do Cats Like Keyboards?


Why Do Cats Like Keyboards?


Cats fascinate us for centuries. Their weird habits make us laugh and boost our mood. They like sleeping in unusual places, hiding in boxes and kneading. Many types of research are conducted to decipher the cat’s weird behavior, but the odd behaviors still remain the mystery. One of these odd habits is their love for keyboards. They like to sit, lie and stretch on them. They even enjoy walking on them. Feline experts believe that we can reduce the time a cat spend lying on a keyboard by playing often. Two 15-minute sessions a day can significantly divert a cat’s attention from the keyboard. Some suggest not encouraging a cat to stay on the keyboard by showing her what is going on the computer’s screen. Cats are curious creatures and can be easily fascinated with a mouse cursor. They are also fascinated with the movements of our fingers when typing on the keyboard. If we want to discourage a cat from sitting on the keyboard, feline experts think that distraction usually works the best. Another option is to put a cat down carefully. If she jumps back, we should stay calm and put her down again. Each time she jumps back, we need to repeat the action. Eventually, she will conclude that we will not allow her to stay on the keyboard. To find out more about why do cats like keyboards, the article “Why Does My Cat Always Sit on My Computer?” gives us several reasons.

Why Do Cats Like Keyboards?

1. They want your attention.

2. They like the warmth.

3. Keyboards are soft.

4. Cats like things that move and make noise.

Many people think that cats who do not get enough attention spend a lot of time lying on keyboards. For that reason, a cat’s insistence on finding her way back to the keyboard can be the sign that we do not spend enough time with our precious furry friend. Instead of entering into a power struggle with a cat, we can benefit more from leaving the computer and engaging in playing session with a cat.

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