Why Do Cats Rule the Internet?


Why Do Cats Rule the Internet?


Cat videos are extremely popular videos among the both – cat people and non-cat people. They are relaxing, uplifting and funny. They reflect cats’ adorable charm and emphasizes their greatness. They also portray cats as clumsy. That adds a humorous note when contrasting with their dignity. Sending a cat video may cheer up someone, make someone laugh and help overcome difficulties in communication. Thus, cats become the important part of our life and gain huge popularity in the online world. But, why it has happened? What has caused their popularity? And, why do cats rule the Internet? According to experts, the answer is simple – cats are cute. However, this explanation is not enough. There are many other cute animals and they do not share their popularity. The best explanation might be the fact that cat people did not share the same physical space with other cat parents. While dog people take their dogs for a walk daily, cat people did not share the same lifestyle. Cat parents did not have the opportunity to socialize with other cat owners since the appearance of the Internet. And, when they have discovered the like-minded people, cats’ popularity simply explodes. To find out more about why do cats rule the Internet, the article “Why Do Cats Run the Internet? A Scientific Explanation” gives us the following explanation.

Why Do Cats Rule the Internet?

Cats’ famously reserved and withholding personalities naturally seduce us into paying closer attention to them. And unlike humans and dogs, cats are not only natural predators—they are also prey, a reason why cats often appear reserved and stealthy. Cats’ inherent vulnerability, Orvell says, naturally solicits our sympathy, and even puts us in touch with our own mortality. “There’s a complex set of reactions to cats, and the videos bring that into play,” Orvell said

The most compelling explanation for our interest in cats, however, may be the most simple: we’re in awe of them. Nagelschneider told me that we’re inclined to watch cats climbing trees or walking upside down on walls because we wish we could do so ourselves—or, in her words, “When we are watching these videos, they just blow our minds.” To whatever extent that’s true, it’s certainly worth a click.

Even though we are not quite sure about why do cats rule the Internet, it seems that they will continue to amuse us. Their beauty accompanied with weird behavior attracts our attention and gives us a lot of fun. Many cat parents will agree that no matter what caused cats’ popularity, we wish they will continue to rule the Internet in for many years to come.

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