How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy?


How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy?


As we all know, indoor cats live longer. Their lifespan is between 12 and 18 years. They live without risks that the outside world could impose on them. However, many of us want to know – are indoor cats really content with their lifestyle and how to keep them happy? According to feline experts, indoor cats could be perfectly happy if they live in an environment with a lot of stimuli. To make the environment interesting, we can try to see it from a cat perspective. First, cats love to observe their territory from high places. Therefore, we can never make a mistake with installing a cat tree near the window that looks at the yard. In this way, a cat will have a perfect view and will be well informed about what is going on in their surroundings, without going outside. Window perches are also an excellent option for these curious beings. The both of them – tree and perch – we can purchase ready-made products or do it by ourselves. To find out more ideas on how to keep an indoor cat happy, the article “7 Tips to Keep Your Cat from Being Bored” gives us the following suggestions.

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy?

1. Create A Treasure Hunt With Toys

2. Invest In A Bird Feeder

3. Bring The Outdoors In

4. Hide Treats

5. Think Vertically

6. Set Up A Webcam

7. Expand The Feline Family

Another option to keep a cat interested in her/ his environment is to provide a toy feeder that will motivate a cat to engage while eating. It resembles hunt. However, the most important thing to do for our little furry friend is to play with him/ her. Playing is a great way for a cat to give vent to his/ her hunting instincts and to exercise. Cats who play a lot do not suffer from depression nor are at risk of obesity. Furthermore, playing is a great way to bond with a cat. There is no better way to keep a cat happy and content.

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