Reasons to Be a Cat-Person


Reasons to Be a Cat-Person

Many of us became cat-persons long ago. Some of us were already cat-lovers, while others were indifferent unless the cute ball of fur has entered their lives. Surprisingly, people who hate cats at first had somehow converted into cat-persons. But, how did that happen? What are the reasons to be a cat-person? Feline experts believe that being a cat-person have many benefits. At the top of the list are actually health benefits. For example, the latest research has shown that having a cat as a pet reduces stress more than having another animal as a pet. Researchers compare these effects to meditation. Another benefit of having a cat is better emotional intelligence. Namely, studies have shown that cat owners are better at noticing the micro facial expression and have better skills to cope with uncomfortable emotions. They have also shown better alignment with their emotional state. To learn more about the reasons to be a cat-person, the article “10 Reasons Why I Am a Cat Person” gives us the following list.

Reasons to Be a Cat-Person

1. Cats are not needy.
2. Cats do not smell.
3. You never come home and find your used underwear on the living-room floor.
4. Cats are selective.
5. Cats are cute when they “chat.”
6. Cats don’t come in pretentious breeds.
7. Cats are adorable when they’re angry.
8. Cats never destroy objects beyond repair.
9. Cats don’t slobber on you.
10. Cats have self-respect and class.

To be a cat-person, feline experts believe that we need time and spending a lot of time around cats to overcome negative experiences with cats from the past. The more we understand the cats, the more love we will feel. Often, a cat appears when it is the right time for an individual to become a cat-person. The little kitten who appears on the front porch might be the best teacher on how to be a cat-person. Many people testified that appearance of little kitten completely changed their attitude toward cats in general and toward the cat-persons. Many of them do not ever consider becoming a cat-person, but with the right cat, the change was possible.

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