How to Save a Cat for New Year’s Eve?


How to Save a Cat for New Year’s Eve?

Winter holidays, especially New Year’s Eve, expose our pets to danger. Every year a lot of dogs and cats end their lives because of stress. Loud noise from fireworks put huge pressure on pets. Senior cats are, particularly, at risk. Moreover, cats who hear fireworks for the first time may be quickly overloaded with anxiety. To help cats stay calm during winter holidays, feline experts suggest preparing separate room as a refuge for a stressed cat. This room should be in the farthest place from fireworks. Experts also recommend placing cat’s bowls and litter box in the same room, because we do not know how long fireworks will take place. They believe talking to a stressed cat in calm and soothing voice will help her release stress. To learn more how to save a cat for New Year’s Eve, the article “16 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe on New Year’s Eve” lists the following tips.

How to Save a Cat for New Year’s Eve?

• Keep your pets inside!
• If you must take your pet outside, keep her securely leashed or confined in a crate.
• find a “safe place” for your animal away from strangers, loud music and chaotic festivities.
• Make sure your pet is unable to partake of any liquor-soaked foods or sip any type of leftover alcoholic beverages.
• Watch out for fatty foods
• Keep your pets’ microchips and vaccination tags up-to-date.
• Keep your animal to her usual feeding, sleeping and elimination schedule.
• Talk to your veterinarian about giving your pet anti-anxiety medications
• Exercise or play with your dog or cat during the day
• House your pet in a quiet room away from the partygoers.
• Consider leaving the neighborhood for the evening and traveling to someplace quieter

To save a cat for New Year’s Eve, we might use calming music and play it at a slightly increased volume. This will reduce outer noise and calm a cat. Two benefits at the same time. One of the effective ways to soothe a cat is using herbal remedies. Many cats adore catnip and valerian root. These herbs will release cat’s anxiety shortly and even may make them sleep. Experts warn us not to cover a cat with a blanket over her head because it will make her more stressed. Yelling and laughing at pets is surely not a way out of anxiety. It will add more stress to the terrified animal. Besides these tips, to save a cat for New Year’s Eve requires a lot of patience and love. These two together can make miracles and help even the most stressed cats to calm down.

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