Siberian Cats


Siberian Cats


Siberian cats are one of the largest and the most beautiful cat breeds in the world. They originate from Siberia, and their roots can be traced about 1000 years back. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the breed has spread through Europe and arrived on the American continent in 1990. People adore Siberian cats because of their interesting and friendly temperament. Siberian cats are also known by their dog-like behavior and sociability. They love children, people, and even, other animals. The common scenario for this breed is as follows: they running through the house before others to greet the guests, when a doorbell rings. These agile and playful cats are fond of toys, and they will always find something interesting to play with, even if there are no cat toys in their immediate surroundings. They do not lose these traits in their old age. Siberian cats are warm and comforting cats. According to testimonies of cat owners, they can sense when someone is emotionally disturbed and jump into her/his lap to soothe her/him. These beautiful and intelligent creatures can be trained, to some degree. They are strong, healthy and calm animals, and their meowing is almost lyrical. To learn more about Siberian cats, the article “Hypoallergenic Cat Facts” gives us additional information about this breed.

Siberian Cats

Siberian cats are the progeny of native domestic felines of Siberia, Russia and native wild forest cats of Siberia, Russia. The breeding of these two unrelated felines occurred naturally without human intervention over one thousand years ago and since have flourished throughout Russia and Eastern Europe . More recently, humans introduced the Siamese breed near the Neva River in St Petersburg, Russia. Crossing the Siberian cat with the Siamese cat (eugenics), produced new color patterns (colorpoint) in the progeny but diluted the natural genetics of the Siberian. Both the (Natural, Traditional, Pure) Siberian and the Siamese/Siberian colorpoint crosses are registrable: however, some breeders adhere to breeding only the Natural Siberian cat and do not dilute what Mother Nature has provided. These breeders are loyal to the preservation of this Natural Siberian Forest Cat. The Prominent European Cat Registry FIFe does not recognize these colorpoints as Siberians but instead a sub-breed Neva Masquerade.

A unique trait of this breed is hypoallergenic property. Their saliva secretes the less FelD1 protein that is considered as the reason number one for allergy occurrence in humans. When cats lick their fur, they coated it with saliva, which then dries and fall out as dander. The cat dander makes many people allergic to cats, which keeps them away from these precious animals. Siberian cats can be a good choice for those people, not only because they are hypoallergenic, but also because they like to take baths. As natural born hunters and fishers, they will jump into the water chasing a fish, if necessary. Therefore, they are a rare cat breed that is not afraid of water. For cat owners, there are no ugly cats, but for people who stay away from cats because of allergy, this breed is a perfect match.

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