What Common Mistakes Do Cat Owners Usually Make?


What Common Mistakes Do Cat Owners Usually Make?


We, as cat owners, love and adore these beautiful and independent animals, trying to do our best to make them happy. However, it often happens that our love, although essential, is not enough to ensure a good health for our cats. We often make mistakes because of a lack of information, misinterpretation of their body language, or simply, trying to apply to them something that works for us. The problem lies in the cat’s inability to speak our human language. We rarely get a feedback that we properly understand. Sometimes, there is no feedback at all, as in case of weight problem. Another problem is their strong nature that tends to hide the signs of illness. This common cats’ behavior prevent us from acting fast, because we usually fail to notice the symptoms in the beginning of illness. Owning a cat requires conscious effort and taking the time to really get to know a cat. Every cat is unique. Even though there is a lot of information about cats on the internet, we need to understand how our cat behaves when feeling good or when things go wrong. To avoid the common mistakes many cat owners make, the article “Ten Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make” gives us the following list.

What Common Mistakes Do Cat Owners Usually Make?

1.Using products intended for dogs on their cat.

2.Giving human medications.

3.Allowing Fluffy to grow obese.

4.Inattention to the litter box.

5.Taking a hands-off approach to your cat.

6.Not taking Garfield to the vet for regular wellness checkups.

7.Feeding dry food.

8.Misinterpreting behavior changes in your kitty.

9.Assuming it’s normal for your cat to throw up.

10.Not brushing those tiny teeth.

The most important step we can take to make sure that everything is well is regular visits to the vet. Cat experts suggest visiting the vet once a year and for older cats it should be twice. In case that we misinterpret subtle signs of arthritis, dental problem, problem with the kidneys, or some other illness, the vet certainly will not. In this way, we can help our cat coping better with illness or even recover completely because it is much easier to treat any disease in its early beginning. The vet can also give us useful advice on its nutrition and exercising, especially if our cat enters its golden age.

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