The Top 5 Cat Symptoms


You know your cat and you generally know when something is wrong . These are the Top 5 Cat Symptoms that should have you thinking if they appear in your cat. Here’s a great guide with links to the original article and further information on each symptom. Read more at ‘Click Here’.

She’s Stopped EatingDr. James R. Cook, Jr., a veterinary neurologist at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists, warns, “Cats who suddenly stop eating will be extremely ill within 72 hours if not taken to see a vet. ..Never ignore this symptom; it must be addressed right away to potentially save your cat’s life. If kitty hasn’t eaten for a full day, get her checked out by her veterinarian immediately….” Read more at ‘Click Here’.

She’s Eating or Drinking or Urinating More (or all 3)Significant overeating can be a sign of diabetes, especially when accompanied by excessive drinking and urinating, with larger-than-normal urine clumps in her litter box. Diabetes occurs when a cat’s body is unable to produce adequate levels of insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels……..”Read more at ‘Click Here’.

She’s Having Trouble Going PottyIf Kitty meows while in the litter box, has blood in her urine, and frequently licks her genitals, she may have feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).Her lower urinary tract becomes inflamed, making it painful to pass urine and causing a buildup in her system of toxins. FLUTD is caused by many factors, including neutered cats eating dry food, decreased water intake, urine retention, viruses or bacteria….Read more at ‘Click Here’.

She’s Not the SameYour formerly active, playful, alert, and talkative Fluffy has become lethargic, uninterested and quiet. If your cat experiences a sudden personality change-especially if it lasts for more than a day-something is amiss…..”Read more at ‘Click Here’.

She’s Sneezing More Than OccasionallyCats, like us, sneeze every now and then because some dust goes up their noses or the season change releases an excess of pollen. A sweetly said “bless you” and perhaps a wipe of her kitty nostrils with the tissue are all she will need. ….”Read more at ‘Click Here’.

If not sure about any of the top 5 cat symptoms then it is always best to take the cat to a vet for a professional opinion.

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