How to Turn Outdoor Cat into Indoor One?


How to Turn Outdoor Cat into Indoor One?


Many cats live happily as indoor cats, while others are more prone to be the outdoors. Some owners are happy with a cat who is partly outdoor and partly indoor cat. However, there is a time when we are facing difficult decision – how to turn an outdoor cat into indoor one. According to feline experts, the best approach is to do it gradually. Letting a cat outside for a limited period and gradually reducing it, help a cat to accustom naturally to a new lifestyle. To encourage a cat to spend more time indoors, creating an exciting environment will stimulate cat’s attention. We can do it by providing one or more cat trees, thus enabling him to explore its surroundings and placing them near the windows to ensure he will enjoy the best view. In this way, a cat will have an excellent perspective on everything that is going on in the outside world. It will keep his attention and provide a cat with a sense of control. Scratching posts are also necessary for indoor cats because they do not have trees inside our home. Windows perch can also be a good idea, but only if we are sure that it is safe for a cat. The biggest issue for a newly converted indoor cat is how to prevent him from escaping. For that reason, feline experts recommend opening and closing doors carefully and watch out the windows as a way to escape. To learn more about how to turn outdoor can into indoor one and make the environment highly interesting, the article “7 Tips for Making Your Outdoor Cat an Indoor Cat” offers us the following tips.

How to Turn Outdoor Cat into Indoor One?

1. Take It Slowly

2. Start in the Winter

3. Think Vertical

4. Provide Sunshine and Fresh Air

5. Prevent Furniture Scratching

6. Enrich the Environment

7. Keep the Door Closed!

All these tips work for many cats, but some cats require another approach. Namely, to help these cats adapt to new life circumstances feline experts recommend adopting one more cat. They also advise us to introduce them slowly, in a safe environment, and make it pleasurable even for the both cats. In this way, we can be sure that both cats will accept each other in a friendly way and do not perceive each other as a threat. It also helps to play a lot once the outdoor cat becomes the indoor one. All feline experts agree that it is the best way for cat to adjust to a new lifestyle.

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