What Causes Dull Hair Coat in Cats?


What Causes Dull Hair Coat in Cats?


Cats are clean animals that spend almost a third of their lives licking their coats. Although experts suggest that dull and sparse coat do not always indicate an illness, it would be wise to consult a veterinarian when a cat shows the signs of poor coat condition. A dull hair coat in cats has to be investigated because of its possible underlying causes. Sometimes, an overweight cat can get patches of dull hair, often on their backs. A reason for this is their size. Even though cats are flexible and supple, the overweight cat cannot reach some areas that remain neglected. Another cause may emerge as a result of a poor diet, deprived of proteins and essential fatty acids. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are essential for cat’s health and can be found in fish and some plants. Cats also can suffer from allergies, and if it is the case, the cat should be examined by the vet. However, seasonal changes usually cause shedding in cats and are a natural part of cats’ adjustment to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. To learn more about dull hair coat in cats, the article “Dry Skin Cat” describe possible causes.

What Causes Dull Hair Coat in Cats?

• Scale – this condition looks like dandruff. It is usually due to abnormality in how the body is producing keratin, the substance that is present in skin, hair and nails.

• Seborrhea – in this condition the skin will appear to be very greasy or have scaling. Seborrhea sicca is dry skin and seborrhea oleosa is greasy skin. Treatment of seborrhea sicca is with a cat shampoo made with sulfur or salicylic acid or as an all natural shampoo alternative.

• Epidermal collarette – this is when a dry patch exists on the skin that is in the shape of a circle. This usually occurs when an infection starts in the middle and then grows in an outward direction. It is usually associated with an infection called staphylococcal pyoderma.

• Exfoliation – in this condition your cat is shedding more skin than normal.

• Hyperkeratosis – this means a thickening of the skin.

• Comedone – is the name of a condition when their is a problem at the base of your cat’s hair or follicle. It is a sign that your cat has a problem with the endocrine system which is the gland that produces hormones in the body.

• Follicular cast – a cast is when their is a dry area around the base of each hair. It is a sign that their is a problem with the keratin in the hair. Keritin is the protein that makes up most hair and nails.

Cat coat can also shed because of stress. The best we can do for our beautiful pets is to find out the source and try to diminish it, or even remove, if possible. In any case, we can do much for our cats by grooming them regularly. Daily grooming will not only decrease the stress, but also will help remove outer parasites, dirt and dead skin cells from their skin. Regular brushing also decreases cat’s hair and help them with hairballs. Moreover, it strengthens emotional bonding with the cat and can soothe it when feeling disturbed.

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