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Vegetarian Cat Food For Cat Diabetes

Cats by nature are carnivores and they eat meat protein, so how ludicrous is it to feed them a vegetarian diet and look for vegetarian cat food for cat diabetes. Cats have evolved over millions of years to eat meat and that will  not change over our lifetime...

Cat Diabetes And Cat Food

There is definitely a link between cat diabetes and cat food. A poor diet in humans and in cats is a contributory factor to diabetes...
Another Fat Cat At Risk Of Getting Cat Diabetes 1

Another Fat Cat At Risk Of Getting Cat Diabetes

A few weeks ago we featured Meow an overweight cat that had been brought into an animal sanctuary because its owner could no longer keep him and we have now heard of another fat cat at risk of getting cat diabetes.   Unfortunately Meow died a few weeks later, however, a cat called Garfield who weighed in at 40lbs appears to be faring a little better on his diet...

All Our Diabetic Cats Are Overweight

Ray Ramirez, doctor of veterinary medicine at Lakeview Veterinary Clinic, says that not all cats who are overweight become diabetic but all our diabetic cats are overweight to start with.  As I have mentioned before many times, I firmly believe that a western lifestyle which includes a poor diet and a couch potato lifestyle is a primary cause of diabetes in both humans and in animals...

Is My Cat Losing Hair Due To Cat Diabetes

Most cats lose hair, it's natural, just as we humans lose hair. However a cat owner has noticed that her cat has started to lose an abnormal amount of hair and is asking:- "Is my cat losing hair due to cat diabetes...

You Can’t Seem To Regulate Your Diabetic Cat

What do you do if you can't seem to regulate your diabetic cat. Your cat has been diagnosed with cat diabetes and is on insulin but the cat seems to be getting worse and the blood sugar levels cannot be controlled...