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Regulating The Blood Sugar Of Your Diabetic Cat


Regulating the blood sugar of your diabetic cat is the first thing that should be carried when you discover your cat is diabetic. Tucker, a 14 year old cat, was diagnosed with cat diabetes last week. Unfortunately he is an inpatient at the vets while the vet tries to regulate his blood sugar and the concerned owner is asking whether the cat should be brought home and he should try to regulate at home. If there are no complications then […]

Veterinarians Contributing To The Rise In Cat Diabetes


I believe that many veterinarians are contributing to the rise in cat diabetes. We know that obesity is a major contributory factor in cat diabetes and we know that a modern diet is a factor in obesity. It seems that vet schools are not teaching their students the effects of modern cat foods  on obesity and also not teaching the proper treatments for cat diabetes. In fact vets are still selling and promoting the dry cat foods which are a major […]

Feline Diabetes Is On The Rise


Yet another report shows that feline diabetes is on the rise in the USA. I think it is safe to assume that it is also on the rise in other Western European countries. According to a nationwide study of clinics it appears that the increase has been correlated with a rise in obesity. In my mind there is no question that  weight control is a big factor in preventing the onset of diabetes mellitus, not only in cats but humans […]

Vegetarian Cat Food For Cat Diabetes


Cats by nature are carnivores and they eat meat protein, so how ludicrous is it to feed them a vegetarian diet and look for vegetarian cat food for cat diabetes? Cats have evolved over millions of years to eat meat and that will  not change over our lifetime. A vegetarian diet can be harmful to a cat and even vegetarian protein is not the same as animal protein. Here are some interesting facts on vegetarian diets for cats:- “Tofu. This […]

Cat Diabetes And Cat Food


There is definitely a link between cat diabetes and cat food. A poor diet in humans and in cats is a contributory factor to diabetes. So why do we say that some types of cat food are bad for cats? Well lets look at what is in cat food:- “What is actually in cat food? – general cat food contains surplus food that comes from human food sources – poor quality manufacturers use spoilt food or food that has been […]