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Help Stop Animal Cruelty


2nd October 2017 – Help Stop Animal Cruelty HELP STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY NOW! The present maximum sentence in England for animal cruelty is only 6 months however new legislation will see that length rise to a maximum of 5 years. This will bring the maximum sentences for animal cruelty in England, into line with that in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.The increase in maximum sentences is a result of some horrific crimes against animals where the courts have […]

How to Look After A Pregnant Cat


How To Look After A Pregnant Cat How To Look After A Pregnant Cat Most people love to keep cats in their house, but only a few know what to do when they have pregnant cats. However, for those who have little or no idea of it, these details will help you a lot. Typically, 65 days is the period of gestation in cats, but some type might be only some days shorter or longer. Pregnant cats do not really […]

Guilty Cats

guilty cat

Some cats can actually feel guilty 😉 But most of them just don’t give a s**t 😛 Hope you like our compilation about cute guilty cats,

Scratching behavior of cats could be changed with the help of a pheromone


WinnFelineHealth published an article about a pheromone that could modify cats’scratching behavior. Scratching behavior of cats could be changed with the help of a pheromone The authors performed a randomized blinded study on 19 cats, following a crossover design to test the effects of synthetic feline interdigital semiochemical (FIS) on the induction of scratching behavior in cats. The scratching behavior of the study cats was observed when the cats were introduced to a scratching post after receiving, at random, FIS […]