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Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

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Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Even with special cat diets and all the health claims of modern day cat food, rates of feline chronic kidney disease have increased. This is an obvious sign that something has gone wrong along the way. Changes in cat’s lifestyles have once again caused problems with their health. First, let’s identify what kidney disease is. It is not just one condition, but any condition where the renal system is affected. This ranges from kidney disorders to […]

More Crazy Cats


Take time out for a few minutes and forget about cat illnesses and problems. Time again for another crazy cat video. Enjoy!

Cat Skeleton


Cat Skeleton A common cat skeleton disorder is arthritis. Arthritis causes joint inflammation, pain, swelling and stiffness. This disorder can be the result of trauma, infection, metabolic issues and several other causes. In cats, arthritis can be a major concern because unlike humans, cats are very good at hiding their ailments and the pain that accompanies them. Also, sometimes pet owners can mistake arthritis symptoms for natural signs of old age. If there are any noticeable changes in a cat’s […]

Cat Breathing Problems


Cat Breathing Problems   Asthma in cats is one form of several cat breathing problems though it is not that common. However, a cat sneezing and/or coughing can be a symptom of asthma in the cat. Asthma in cats is not different than asthma in humans. Just like in humans, one of the telltale signs of asthma is difficulty breathing. The official medical term is feline bronchial disease. Asthma is not always a permanent condition. At times it can be […]

Pancreatitis in Cats


“Pancreatitis in Cats” Pancreatitis in cats is when the pancreas, the organ in charge of hormones, becomes inflamed resulting in such issues as low blood calcium and high blood glucose. This disorder can either be temporary or a lifelong issue. One issue with diagnosing pancreatitis in cats is that the symptoms are very similar to other conditions. Some common symptoms are a low appetite, dehydration, vomiting and low body temperature. Though there are veterinary treatments for this condition, most of […]