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Facts about Cat’s Ears 0

Facts about Cat’s Ears

Facts about Cat's Ears The cats are well known by their powerful sense of smell, sight and hearing. When it comes to hearing, every cat owner is aware how alert a cat becomes when hears even the slightest distant sound in our neighborhood...
How Intelligent Are Cats? 0

How Intelligent Are Cats?

How Intelligent Are Cats. As cat owners, we often assume and take for granted that cats are very intelligent beings...
Facts about Cat’s Whiskers 0

Facts about Cat’s Whiskers

Facts about Cat's Whiskers Cats are among the first animals every child has learnt to draw. We all know how it goes: head, tummy, paws, tail, eyes, ears and the whiskers, of course...
Common Myths about Black Cats 0

Common Myths about Black Cats

Common Myths about Black Cats During human history, cats have always been an integral part of the human environment, living together in a peaceful coexistence at times, and occasionally going through utterly hard times. Cat's relationship with humans has been evolved during the years, but was very consistent and stable at its core...