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Can We Get Toxoplasmosis from Indoor Cat?


Can We Get Toxoplasmosis from Indoor Cat? Cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis, the disease that may threaten the lives of unborn children. Pregnant women, particularly worry about toxoplasmosis and they are overly concerned, even when they have the indoor cat. Their main concern is: can we get toxoplasmosis from an indoor cat? According to veterinarians, the answer is simple – yes, if we feed a cat raw meat or a cat gets in contact with the infected cat. Once a […]

Stereotypes About Cats


Stereotypes About Cats Unlike dogs, cats have always been surrounded by stereotypes, mostly negative ones. Moreover, cat owners usually share the same destiny. They have also been victims of negative stereotypes. Ignorance, lack of understanding, and lack of love for these precious beings greatly contribute to the creation of stereotypes. The majority of them appear as a result of not really understanding cat’s personality. The most common prejudice about cats is that they are aloof, emotionally distant and not social. […]

Do Cats Like Hugs?


Do Cats Like Hugs? Many cat owners have wondered why their cats does not like hugs and how to make it more affectionate and open to hugs? Feline experts believe that each cat has its specific personality that can be more or less prone to cuddling and hugging. They also think that certain breeds such as Burmese and Ragdoll cats are naturally more predisposed to make a deep and strong bond with their owners. On the other hand, some cats […]

Do Cats Remove Negative Energy?


Do Cats Remove Negative Energy? Since ancient times, cats have been considered as mysterious creatures that possess some form of unnatural power. Today, many cat owners believe cats can remove negative energy from their bodies and from their space. Some of them believe cats have a spiritual purpose in our lives and they do not appear accidentally on a front porch. They report a cat appeared after divorce, financial breakdown or serious illness. It is not unusual that neglected kids […]

Why Are Cats Attracted to People Who Do Not Like Them?


Why Are Cats Attracted to People Who Do Not Like Them? We all know the likely scenario when a cat meets new people – she goes straight ahead to a person that overtly ignore her. It is usually a non-cat person or a person who is allergic to cats. And this behavior is one of the weirdest behavior they seem to share. But, what causes this strange behavior? And, why are cats attracted to people who do not like them? […]