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Stereotypes About Cats 0

Stereotypes About Cats

Stereotypes About Cats Unlike dogs, cats have always been surrounded by stereotypes, mostly negative ones. Moreover, cat owners usually share the same destiny...
Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat 0

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat Many first-time cat owners automatically search to adopt a kitten, even though a senior cat may be a better choice for their lifestyle. Namely, there are many reasons to adopt a senior cat...
Cat Hunting Skills 0

Cat Hunting Skills

Cat Hunting Skills According to a recent research, cats live with humans more than 9,000 years. In spite of that, they still hunt...
Why Do Cats Stretch? 0

Why Do Cats Stretch?

Why Do Cats Stretch. Cats are well-known as one of the most relaxed animals that spend most of their time sleeping...
How to Greet a Cat? 0

How to Greet a Cat?

How to Greet a Cat. Cats have a unique set of sounds that help them communicate their need to humans...