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Prevent Cat Diabetes


Some experts  now agree that it is possible to prevent cat diabetes. At last the realisation has come about that because after a change of diet, in many cases, cat diabetes reverses, it must therefore be possible to prevent cat diabetes in the first place by feeding the kitten or cat correct food! Hallelujah!! “Some experts believe that diabetes in cats is a problem that can be avoided completely by feeding kitties the right kind of diet. Since this disease […]

Feline Diabetes Is Our Fault


Feline diabetes appears to be a new phenomena and it is on the increase and without a doubt feline diabetes is our fault. We forget that by nature cats are outdoor animals and live on small rodents, birds and mammals. In fact this is why the relationship between man and cat began. The way humans used to live and in some cases still do created the perfect environment for rats and mice. This not only attracted cats but cats were […]

Cat Diabetes Can Be Sent Into Remission If Caught Early Enough


Cat diabetes can be sent into remission if caught early enough say veterinarians but many owners are leaving it too late to take their cats to the surgery. For many years now there has been a decline in the number of visits to a veterinarian resulting in treatable illnesses becoming chronic. “Veterinarians around the country are concerned that the decade-long decline in regular veterinary visits is directly related to the increase in preventable and treatable illnesses in dogs and cats […]

The Treatment And Prevention Of Feline Diabetes


A veterinarian who discusses the treatment and prevention of feline diabetes says that feline diabetes is a genuine problem and owners need to be aware of the relevant facts. In many of my posts I have mentioned the signs to look out for. Remember these are just initial signs. Actual diagnosis will be carried out by not only looking at these signs, but also by physical examination findings, laboratory test results, and the constant presence of abnormally high levels of sugar […]

You Can Reverse Cat Diabetes By Changing Diet


As if more proof was needed that you can reverse cat diabetes by changing diet, I came across a thread where people had done just that. The thread is really about how difficult or impossible it is for a cat with cat diabetes to be adopted. That is understandable because a diabetic cat does need a lot more care than a normal cat and of course there is the added cost of insulin injections and vet visits. The thread is about Buster “the […]